Self-Coach Sunday 87: Zap Those Pesky Imperfections

You have been busy perfecting the present moment, now it is time to perfect your body. A perfect body is not only healthy and fit, but it can reflect who you are.  There is a link between our mind and our bodies. So if there is something about your body that bothers you, take care of it – zap it! These little imperfections can prevent you from being your best and drain you. If you feel great in your own skin, it will show.

I am not talking about supermodel perfection here. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I ask you not to compare. What I am suggesting is that you pay attention to the parts of your body that you worry about. These worries might be preventing you from engaging with others and being your full self. Go ahead, if your tooth was knocked as child and turned brown, take care of it; a mole that bothers you – remove it. Are you 50 pounds overweight and not bothered by it, then its not a problem. It is only a problem if it is getting in the way of you being your best.

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Self-Coach Sunday 80: Convert Compliments Into Acknowledgments

One way to attract success is to convert your compliments into acknowledgments. Compliments come fairly often: “what a beautiful scarf”, or “that was a great performance.” Although getting these are wonderful, acknowledgments are even better. When you acknowledge someone it is about who the person is, instead of what the person has or does. For example: “I really appreciate the support you have shown by coming all the way from Baltimore to see my concert. Your presence is meaningful.” This is very personal and leaves that person feeling good about himself.

A compliment is great; an acknowledgement is more meaningful. Practice giving acknowledgments with people you encounter. Be as specific as possible. Instead of saying “you’re terrific,” say, “you’re a great speaker. I admire how poised and graceful you handle yourself.” Know a great cook? Instead of saying, “what a delicious dinner!” you could say, “this is a superb meal. Your attention to detail is incredible.”

Giving an acknowledgment is energizing for both the giver and the receiver. Change this one thing and you will attract people.

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Self-Coach Sunday 79: Say It Like It Is, But Gently

Prepare people for what you have to say. Avoid the difficult, awkward and even painful things you may say to people by saying it like it is. For example: let someone know that what you want to talk to them about isn’t easy for you and may be difficult for them to hear. The point is not to sugar-coat what you say – say exactly what you need to in a way that the other person can hear and understand. It is not about saying something to upset someone – so be gently. Even though you are “saying it like it is,” be in a positive and unconditionally constructive state with everything you say.

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Self-Coach Sunday 74: Stop The Gossip

As much as you may love hearing about the dirt on someone, do you ever wonder what others might be saying about you when you aren’t around? No one trusts gossip. You may really miss out on profound conversations because of trust or lack of trust. The rule is to avoid talking about someone who isn’t present. That is a simple rule to follow. Every time you don’t follow it – it is gossip.

A graceful way to steer the conversation away from gossip is to say, “I’d rather hear about you; or I don’t feel comfortable talking about someone who isn’t present.”

What is wrong with a little friendly gossip? Simply put, it can be harmful and destructive. The benefit of giving up gossip: people will start to trust you.

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Health & Wellness Wednesday: tips to Improve your gut health

Some great tips on improving your gut health from Dr. Mark Hyman:

9 Ways to Optimize Gut Flora
The best way to grow a healthy inner garden and make your gut bugs happy begins with your diet. Here are 8 ways to build healthy gut flora starting with your next forkful:

  1. Eat whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods. One of the best ways to maintain gut health involves cutting out the sugar and refined carbs and jacking up gut-supporting fiber.
  2. Make 75 percent of your plate be vegetables and plant-based foods. Your gut bugs really love these high-fiber plant foods.
  3. Eat good fats and get an oil change. The good fats we mentioned earlier (like omega-3 fats and monounsaturated fats, such as extra-virgin olive oil) will help with decreasing inflammation, giving healthy gut bugs a chance to flourish.
  4. Supplement smartly. Beyond the numerous benefits (including reducing inflammation), studies find omega-3 fatty acids can support healthy gut flora.  You should definitely supplement with an essential fatty acids formula, if you’re not regularly eating wild-caught fatty fish.  You can find professional-quality formulas in my store. Take a good probiotic supplement. This helps reduce gut inflammation while cultivating health and the growth of good bacteria.
  5. Add more coconut. Studies demonstrate anti-inflammatory and weight loss benefits from adding Medium Chain Triglyceride or MCT oils. One of my favorite fats, coconut oil and coconut butter, contains these fabulous fat-burning MCTs.
  6. Remove inflammatory fats. Cut out bad, inflammatory omega-6 rich fats like vegetable oils. Replace these with healthier oils like extra-virgin olive oil and coconut oil.
  7. Add fiber-rich foods. Nuts, seeds, and a special fiber called glucomannan provide prebiotics and feed our healthy bacteria.
  8. Add fermented foods. Sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, and miso contain good amounts of probiotics so your healthy gut bugs can be fruitful and multiply.

The above recommendations are not miracle cures. They are the actions that lead to normalized gut function and flora through improved diet, increased fiber intake, daily probiotic supplementation, the use of nutrients that repair the gut lining, and the reduction of bad bugs in the gut with herbs or medication.

Yes, inflammatory fats will definitely damage your gut bacteria. But the right fats, including omega-3s and extra-virgin olive oil combined with a whole, real food diet can actually repair your gut and even increase good bacteria.