Health & Wellness Wednesday 1: Routine for Better Sleep

Want to be an all-star at work? Improve your sleep routine! Experts say that getting more sleep can help your work performance – and getting too little can degrade it.  In Forbes, Moira Lawler talks about several recent studies about the effect of sleep – or lack of it – on work performance. She notes:

A study in the journal Sleep found that subjects who racked up just six hours of snooze time per night for two weeks functioned as badly as if they were deprived of sleep for 48 hours. Here’s the thing: The study’s subjects actually thought they were performing well—not just skating by but actually doing an all-star job.

Most of us know that getting a good night’s sleep is important to our overall health, but for many, the trick is how to get enough in terms of both quantity and quality.


Self-coach Sunday 24: Pay Off Your Debts

It seems to have become socially acceptable to have debts. It used to be that people saved money for what they wanted, and the bought it. Now it is the other way around. We charge now, and pay later (with high interest rates). You may be so used to having debt that you don’t even realize how stressful debt is. Until you are debt free, it is hard to believe what a relief it is.

Debt drains your energy and can make it very difficult for you to be your best and attract the people and opportunities you want. When you are debt-free, it is natural to be carefree and light. If you don’t have the savings to instantly pay off debt, do it gradually and continuously until it is retired. It may take some time, but stick with the payment schedule and eventually you will be free and clear. Over your head? Then consider a nonprofit credit counseling service.

The skills you develop from paying off your debts are the foundation (and the same ones) you will develop to build your financial freedom. You can do it!

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Self-Coach Sunday 12: Clear Clutter With The Joy Filter

Would you like something new and wonderful to come into your life? A new job, a new friend, an opportunity? A relationship? One of the easiest, most effective ways to attract something new into your life is to create some space. If you feel stuck, start clearing the decks. Go through your files at the office and toss out all those old memos, reports, and articles you’ve been saving in case you need them someday.

couple decluttering

Set aside a few hours at work or at home to do a big clear-out and toss loads of old papers or send them to the archives if important documents must be kept. If you can’t do that, then spend 30 to 60 minutes a day for a week just clearing out junk and you’ll be amazed at how much useless paper you’ve accumulated.

Once you’ve tackled the office, start clearing the decks at home. Your home is a sacred space where you need to relax and recharge so you have the energy to tackle your work. If you come home to a cluttered and uncomfortable space, you aren’t giving yourself a chance to fully recharge your batteries. There is only one question to ask when evaluating whether to keep or discard any object. You must hold it in your hands and ask yourself, “Does this give me joy?” If the answer is no then out it goes. After all, why would you want to keep anything that doesn’t give you joy?

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 12.41.43 PM

You simply get in touch with what gives you joy, you’ll find you can clear clutter all by yourself and it is an invigorating experience. Don’t even listen to music while you are clearing out, as it can distract you from the process of getting in touch with what gives you joy.

You are probably wondering how to get started. Instead, make clutter clearing a special, once-in-a-lifetime event.  Clear clutter by category, not by room. Start with your clothes and get all of your clothes out of the closet, out of the attic, the dry cleaners, or the hall closet so you can see all the clothes that you own. The sheer volume may startle you. Then start by sub-category with tops first, then bottoms, then hanging items, socks, underwear, handbags, accessories, and shoes. Hold each piece of clothing, one by one in your hands and ask if it gives you joy. If not, then out it goes. Using this simple method, I very quickly cleared out my closets and oddly enough, kept some clothes that I couldn’t wear but gave me joy and discarded clothes I had been wearing that didn’t give me joy or were a bit worn out. Now my entire wardrobe gives me joy, I can see everything I own as nothing is in off-season storage and I also have space for new things. Revolutionary!

Instead of focusing on getting rid of stuff, which can feel demoralizing and discouraging, you are focusing on what to keep, which is so much easier and even fun.  Recommendation: Pick them as if you were identifying items you loved from a display in your favorite shop. The process itself is life-changing because you quickly become expert at using the joy filter for decision-making, an important skill for everything you consider in your life – not just your stuff!

After clothes, sort your books, miscellaneous items, and papers, saving the hardest for last – sentimental items.  If you can’t bear to part with some sentimental items, create a Memory Box full of special things that make you feel good. Whenever you feel bummed out or discouraged, look through your box and get an instant boost. (Old love letters can remind you that you are lovable and loved and if they don’t, why are you keeping them?)

Getting rid of clutter is incredibly therapeutic and will give you a huge burst of energy. That is why we eliminate clutter at the start of a coaching program – so you have the newfound energy to tackle your really big goals and the space for new and better things.

Once you create some space, the universe will try to fill it, so be careful to say “No, thank you” if what comes along doesn’t add joy to your life. For instance, be very careful before you agree to store things for friends and family. If you do agree to store things, make sure you set a specific time limit and decide what will happen to the items if the time limit is exceeded.

As you create an abundance of space, there is more room for good things to come into your life. Make this a formal ritual. As you drop off your old things at a charity shop, you can express your gratitude and appreciation for them, even if it was just the pleasure of having purchased it in a shop and you never wore it or used it. Drop off the bags and silently say, “Thank you for having served your purpose in my life. I am now making space for something new and better to come into my life.” It sounds corny, but every time I do a thorough cleaning, I get a new client. It all goes back to energy—you are freeing up the energy attached to your belongings, allowing room for the new.

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Wellness Wednesday: Buteyko Breathing Method

Do you suffer from asthma attacks, panic attacks, stress and anxiety, sleep apnea, snoring, high fever or chronic fatigue?

You might want to check out this method of breathing that can help prevent these attacks.


Self-Coach Sunday 9: Have Something To Look Forward To Every Day

It is amazing how quickly our lives can become drab and colorless if we do not have something to look forward to. We wait far too long for that once-a-year vacation or that special event. That just isn’t enough. Or it might be enough, but being successful is not about having just enough – it’s about abundance. You need an abundance of good things to look forward to – as a bare minimum at least one thing every day. And don’t overlook the simple things, which are often the most rewarding.

To get you thinking, here are some things you could look forward to: a half hour alone, a walk in the woods with your significant other, a bike ride through the park, taking a bubble bath, seeing a play, trying out a new restaurant.

What is your ideal morning or evening? Treat yourself with as many elements of your ideal day as possible, and you will be happier and more energized throughout the day. Take a few minutes right now to write down in vivid detail your ideal day from the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night. How many elements of your ideal day are possible to do every day starting right now? Give yourself the time to enjoy your day and you’ll be glad to get up and start every morning.

Often the reason work expands is that we don’t have a sufficiently compelling reason to prevent it from doing so. Make sure you do!

• Sign up for a fun, creative class that starts at 6pm so you have to leave the office at 5pm.

• Put in place super strong boundaries around your personal time. No work calls on weekends, evenings, etc.

• Do not answer your cell phone or check your emails when you are on vacation or working on a creative project. Use technology to increase your effectiveness, not decrease it.


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