Self-Coach Sunday 34: Get Your Work Done In Half The Time

Does works seem to expand and fill all available time? The solution is to reduce the amount of time you have to get the work done. When pressed, most people can get the job done in half the time. How? It may take some creative thinking, but it is well worth the effort. By working more efficiently, you may find that you will have newfound time to put towards other interests. The possibilities are endless.

This not only works in the business setting, but also at home. How?  Hire a house cleaner (click here to see my tip). Set a timer for one hour. Pick a task and try to complete it before the timers dings. Get a buddy to help you with a project. Or have a buddy call you every hour to get the progress of a task. This helps turn a menial task into a fun game.  Afterwards, you will feel great that you’ve gotten it out of the way. Having more time attracts success and opens you to opportunities that give you joy.

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Self-Coach Sunday 31: Track Your Time

Where does all of your time and money go? Today’s tip is to find out. We know that it is helpful to do a spending log for a month and see what is going on. The same goes for time! Do you work hard, come home and ask where the time has gone? Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day? Do you spend too much time on routine tasks and find you don’t have time for projects at home or work?

It is time to take a closer look. Take one week and track your time in 15-minutes increments. Write down everything your doing from when you get up to when you go to bed, from phone calls, to coffee and bathroom breaks. I realize this is a tedious task, but it is just one week. Have a chart of 15 minute intervals and simply jot down the activity. Pick an ordinary week that reflects your typical schedule – not a vacation week. Now get tracking.

You may see things like wasted time, too much time on one task, too much TV, not enough time on your self-care, Keep tracking and see what you are really doing. Ask yourself whether this is how you want to be spending your life or not. Then start automating, delegating and deleting the time-wasters and start working on you life goals.

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Self-Coach Sunday 15: Feng Shui Your Home and Office

Does your home and office support you? You may have never asked yourself that question, but you should. Your home and office should support you energetically. Are the colors on the walls conducive to productivity? Is the entrance clutter-free and welcoming? Does it reflect you and your energy?

Create a balanced atmosphere. Benefits: allows you to stay focused, productive and in-control of your time. A productive, success-oriented home and office contains a balanced amount of both worlds. Integrating some basic feng shui principles and personal design preferences with your high-tech requirements will create an office that is less stressful and more productive, which yields more profitability and personal satisfaction.

Before you can energize your office for success, it is imperative you unclutter it first. If you energize certain areas of your office and there is clutter in the way, you will energize the clutter first and create even more clutter. Organize it, file it or get rid of it. Then you are ready to move on.

fend shui living space

Here are several feng shui principles you can apply today to create a balanced home and office:

Energize the entrance by eliminating any clutter, having it well-lit, removing wastebaskets from the area and making sure the door can swing open. This is not only the entrance to your productivity, but also the entrance to new clients, new business and profitability. The front entrance and its welcoming statement affect the success of your entire business. If your office is in your home, make sure the entrance to your home is also welcoming. You can do this by making sure plants are pruned and there are colorful flowers to greet clients. Do this even if clients never come to your home. Positive energy needs to enter in order to provide your business with growth and prosperity.
Paint office walls colors that provide supportive energy for the work being done. For example: Medical, or dental office walls should be light shades of blue or green because these are very calming colors. Since patients may be uncomfortable and nervous upon arrival, the best energy for them is calming energy. Sales, marketing and professional offices should be a soft terra cotta or earth tone colors, which is conducive to building good relationships with clients. Avoid the hard, stress-oriented energy created by white walls – the stress created by the hard, white energy can easily pass on to clients resulting in no sales or unsatisfied customers. High-tech electronic multi-tasking offices can be balanced with soft green on the walls and wood furniture. Avoid white here as well. Deadline-oriented offices such as press rooms, delivery organizations and media productions need to keep things calm. They should use cool blue hues in their decor. If you are in a home office and cannot seem to get motivated, paint the walls white and surround yourself with less wood and more metal objects. Focus is often a problem in a home office – the white will give you that energetic tension needed for focus and productivity.
Use art and wall décor to further enhance the purpose of the office – those that encourage focus, productivity and generate income. Use motivational art and posters that energize! Art that shows success, teamwork and a winning attitude are great. Frame them in silver or gold and hang them on west and northwest walls. Family pictures in an office can be very distracting, so limit them to either a small grouping or a collage in one frame – place them in the southwest area of your desk or office to energize relationships, both work and personal. In the east and southeast area of your office, energize both new business and wealth generation by adding plants that reach upward like bamboo. If you do not have a green thumb use great-looking silk plants or trees. You can also hang pictures of magnificent redwood trees or sequoias to give added energy to income generation. Adding artwork with water in it on the north wall will energize your career while providing a gentle flowing movement throughout. Be sure the water in the picture has movement to it like a flowing river rather than tumultuous waves crashing on the shore or stagnant water with no movement. A small tabletop water fountain with a gentle bubbling sound also works well. Make sure if you use the fountain to run it every day and keep it filled with fresh water.
For meetings with clients, staff members and in boardrooms, use a round or an oval table. The complete energy of the oval or round table is conducive to negotiating, sales, problem-solving and conducting productive meetings. If you need to be “in charge” when sitting at this table, be sure to sit in the power position, which is opposite the door.
By balancing your office for supportive energy and aligning your personal design tastes with the type of work you do, you have the formula for improved focus, productivity and more success. Creating balance eliminates many of the energy drainers in your workplace and reduces stress.
Ideally, an office should support you, your goals and objectives as well as what you need to accomplish on a given day. A balanced and properly energized office or business leads to a calmer, in-control, more successful you.


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Self-Coach Sunday 14: A Place For Everything

Once you get rid of clutter, the next step in getting organized is, well, getting organized. The key to personal organization is developing processes that take the thinking out of organization and sticking to those processes. What this means is that getting organized once–tidying up everything–won’t do unless you can keep it organized.

Organization is having a place for everything and making sure everything is in its place. I know that cliche sounds trite, but think about it. When you cleaned up, where did you put things? You put them in their place, right? That means most things have “their place” (not an objective universal place, just a place you’ve decided is where they belong). Why did you put them in their place? Because you want to be able to–unthinkingly–find them when you need them without interrupting your flow or creativity.

The other thing that has to be unthinking is putting things back in their place after you’ve used them. First, you have to have a place for everything. If you don’t have a drawer or shelf for DVDs, then when you finish watching one, you’re liable to leave it on the coffee table. Some places are better than others, but for now just make sure you have a place. Also, remember we’re talking about things after you’ve decluttered, so hopefully all that’s left are things that are useful or enjoyable. Second, you need a process for staying organized. Having a place for everything does no good unless you regularly put everything in its place.

Processes can be as simple as a commitment to throw out clutter and put everything in its place in your work area before you leave for the day. When you come in the next day, everything will be calm and you’ll be ready to start the day smoothly without a jarring messy desk looking at you first thing in the morning. What makes this a process, however, is making it a habit and doing it regularly.

organized file cabinet

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Self-Coach Sunday 13: Stop Shuffling And Start Organizing

If you are spending too much time shuffling paper around, block off one hour a week strictly for organizing, systematizing or automating – not doing actual work.

Start by blocking off one hour a week strictly for organizing, setting systems in place or automating; not for doing actual work. Your mission is to set up a process to handle the tasks which you do on a regular basis. Set up direct deposit and auto debit to free up your bill writing time.  Revamp filing drawers in your home or office.The time you invest during this block of time will pay big dividends with time saved and stress relieved. FYI… you will  not get it all done in one hour. It’s ok, keep at it.- one hour at a time, each day for a week. You will be AMAZED at the progress and how great it feels to see your long-lost desk top.

Spend 15 minutes filing papers, tossing out old papers, or just clearing off your surface. The more you automate, systemize and organize, the more time you will regain for creativity, focus and investing into what matters most to you. Use technology in a way that fits for you. Some may be techno-gurus and others find it a necessary evil.

See your In-box and make it mind you. One of the monsters which often rears its ugly head is your “In-Box.” Your’s may be the inbox of an email program overflowing with more than what you can conquer in a lifetime. Some may have a physical inbox filled with advertisements, unread newspapers and past due bills. Regardless of what your nemesis looks like, you need to stand tall and face the facts.

  • its big
  • its ugly
  • its yours

We are told we can be paperless. We can store it in the cloud and we can have it all wherever we are, whenever we want it. This may be true… for those of your who are techno gurus. Not all of us are, I know I am not. The battle is real, and you must win.

Sub-tip:  Throw away your accumulation box: toss it, refer it to someone else, act on it, file it.  Ongoing stuff can be put in a pending or project file.  Only touch the paper once.  Clear everything off your desk everyday.  Setting aside time to organize is essential to success.

 Schedule a one hour time block and begin to sort, toss and organize your in-box and paper piles. Set a timer so you know when to stop. Step back , smile and congratulate yourself for taking charge of your corner of the world.

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