Self-Coach Sunday 89: Get Off Your Butt

How many New Year’s resolutions have you picked “lose weight” or “get in shape”? Whatever that resolution has been, there are two options: toss out that goal, or delegate it and hire a professional trainer, coach or nutritionist to help get you there. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit you. That moment may come and if it does, it may go too quickly; or it may not come. Decide once and for all that this goal is important to you. Take that first step and get some help, support and a plan. Having the proper support system in place can turn a dream into an accomplishment real fast.

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Self-Coach Sunday 38: Do Complete Work

Is your mentality to save time by getting the job done as quickly as possible? That may save time in the short term, but doing complete work saves time in the long run and gives you the mental space and clarity to tackle the next project.  When work is done so well and so complete, it won’t come back to haunt you.

What would that look like? That would mean taking time to research the task at hand, take time on it, problem solve if needed, identify the action needed, and implement it accurately.  And, check your accuracy again. If you really go all out on a project and do a super job, it is personally fulfilling. You will be proud of your work, which is reason enough to do good work every time. See if there are ways to extend this notion to your relationships. What if you left nothing hanging or said everything you needed to say in your relationship? You may be able to free up some mental space, and tie up any loose ends in your life.

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Self-Coach Sunday 34: Get Your Work Done In Half The Time

Does works seem to expand and fill all available time? The solution is to reduce the amount of time you have to get the work done. When pressed, most people can get the job done in half the time. How? It may take some creative thinking, but it is well worth the effort. By working more efficiently, you may find that you will have newfound time to put towards other interests. The possibilities are endless.

This not only works in the business setting, but also at home. How?  Hire a house cleaner (click here to see my tip). Set a timer for one hour. Pick a task and try to complete it before the timers dings. Get a buddy to help you with a project. Or have a buddy call you every hour to get the progress of a task. This helps turn a menial task into a fun game.  Afterwards, you will feel great that you’ve gotten it out of the way. Having more time attracts success and opens you to opportunities that give you joy.

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Self-Coach Sunday 29: Play For Financial Independence

Once you have started setting aside enough savings for an eighth-month reserve and have gotten into the habit of saving 20 percent of your income, you may be ready to play for financial independence. Make this a game and see what happens. Financial independence means you have enough money or revenue streams that you never have to work again.

First, realize that anyone can play this game. Second, decide how much money you really need to be financially independent. Don’t overestimate. We are not talking in terms of millions, or a life of glamour. This is a figure that you could live off of. Example: interest off of $250,000 would generate about $25,000 a year. You would need to invest $2,083 a month at a 10 percent interest rate. Figure out how many years you need to save/invest in order to reach your mark. This will put you on the path towards financial freedom.

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Coaching: Back to the Future

In honor of “Back to the Future” day.

Back to the future

Imagine taking a journey into the future and watching two films. The first movie is your life as it was, and the second film is a cinematic depiction of your life as it could have been. The gap between these two images is an excellent barometer of your satisfaction with your life.

If you notice significant differences between your two movies,  you may want to invest in coaching. Coaching is a fun, simple and productive journey that can help you harmonize your two movie versions. Identify your starting point If you want to go on a trip, it is a good idea to know your point of departure. For example, you may want to focus on one specific aspect of your life, such as changing professions or improving your health. Choose an element of your life that is under your control and that you can initiate and maintain. For instance, you can’t necessarily make people like you, but you can certainly take steps to make yourself more likable. Once you know your starting point, you can continue on the next leg of the journey. Choose your destination The next step is deciding where you want to go.

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Coaching activities include assessment, goal-setting, brain storming, action planning, training, advice giving, encouragement, confrontation, analysis of personality dynamics, guided practice, appreciative inquiry, creative problem-solving and role playing, to name a few but by no means all.

I would be delighted to coach you “back to the future.”