Pamela Stevens: Blogger for the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra

As a musician and advocate, I find that there is no substitute for live music. It really does ignite things in the brain and being that are unmatched by any recorded performance. You can take it all in through every sense, which helps you retain that event in your life more clearly.

Imagine my thrill when I was approached by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra about being their official blogger!  Now, if you are looking for the “experience” of attending a live music event atthe caliber of this fine orchestra, then please keep reading. I mean to record my experience, rather than an actual critique of the performance.  I hope this will encourage each of you to go out and listen more live music.

Here is an excerpt of the blog:

“My fascination with the upcoming Annapolis Symphony Orchestra’s November 1 & 2 concerts began well before I attended the dress rehearsal.  Who can resist Peter Serkin?!  And, how clever, the “Three B’s”! Here is the spoiler alert: the Three B’s are not what you might have been expecting (Bach, Beethoven and Brahms); once again they take their own creative twist on the Three B’s: Brahms, Bridge and Britten.  I was hooked, that was for sure.  Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am an advocate of live music.  There is no technology out there, in my opinion, which can replace the true brilliance and experience of a live music performance.”

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