5 cups water

2 heads Napa cabbage

1-cup coarse Korean red chili pepper powder (kochu karo)

5 ounces garlic

1/2 Asian pear, peeled and quartered

2-3 stalks green onions cut in 2-inch pieces

1-ounce ginger, peeled

4 ounces Jalapeno or Korean green chilies

2 pounds daikon radish julienned

1/4-cup Korean anchovy fish sauce


Prepare Napa cabbage—Trim the cabbage by removing any brown leaves on the outer layers. Slice the center of the cabbage’s stem 2 inches deep. Using your thumbs and hands, pull the cabbage into two sections through the slit. Repeat for the remaining cabbage. Cover cabbage both sides in kosher salt and add water to cover up to top and soak overnight. Can keep it in room temperature. Drain next day and rinse 3-4 times. And drip dry in colander. 
Mix water, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, pear ingredients in a blender or food processor. And then add the cabbage, green onions, chilies, kochu karo and wear rubber gloves to mix everything together. Put in a glass jar and leave for 3-6 days to ferment and marry the ingredients together