Self-Coach Sunday 90: Surround Yourself With Beauty And Luxury

Transform mundane activities into luxuries and make them special occasions. Your morning bowl of cereal can become transformed by a beautiful bowl and fresh blueberries sprinkled on top. Coffee can become a real treat with a spoonful of real cream. And how difficult is it to light a candle at dinner or during your bath? Two seconds can lead to instant ambience. Go on, splurge! Drink your water out of a Crystal wine glass, load your bath with salts and oils, turn on music, buy a set of plush towels, find what is luxurious for you. Is it an ergonomic chair, down comforter, cloth napkins, flowers, nice hangers, a high-quality knife, books, fresh herbs for cooking? Start surrounding yourself with luxury and you will attract even more. What are some ways you can surround yourself with beauty and luxury today?

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