Self-Coach Sunday 86: Rejuvenate And Revitalize

Your environment is a reflection of your mental state. Take a look around you. What does your space say about you? How would a friend describe it? How do you feel in your own home?

I encourage you to surround yourself with beauty, and love every single item you have on display. Any items that don’t fill this goal, place in a box in your closet or give them to charity. The objective is to make your home/office not only clean and organized, but also reflect who you are.  If you want your space to energize and rejuvenate you, then incorporate items that invoke that. Start with one room. Decide what you would like this room to do for you (feeling-wise). Make this a place where you can retreat and relax. When it is the way you like, move on to the next room.

It is worth the time investment to set up your home so that it gives you energy. Take this time to make your home a sanctuary.

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