Self-Coach Sunday 83: Speak and Be Heard

Why people don’t listen: they haven’t finished speaking. If you interrupt or compete with a speaking person, he will be thinking about what he was saying and not listening to you. If you want to be heard, make sure the other person has finished speaking first. Simply ask, “Is there anything else?” Let them finish and keep listening. Once they are done speaking, you will know. And, you won’t have to waste your breath repeating what you might have said when they weren’t ready to listen. By making sure the other person is ready to listen, you are much more likely to be heard.

The other thing to consider is that you may not be speaking affectively or in an appealing manner. Is your voice high-pitched, nasal, accented or easy on the ear? Listen to your own voice and get some honest feedback from someone you trust. If you have and unattractive voice or accent, work with a voice teacher and learn techniques to change it.

The third thing to consider is whether you are speaking powerfully and concisely. Learn to say what you want to say with a minimum of words. Get to the point.

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