Self-Coach Sunday 30: Protect Your Stuff

Insurance: the story goes – if you have it you’ll never need it, but if you don’t, disaster will strike. Today’s to do is to get insured. Sign up for health insurance, get renter’s insurance, if you own a home you must have home-owner’s insurance, and consider life insurance (term insurance) if you have someone who relies on you or your income. And if all of those are taken care of, you may even want to add long-term-care insurance to that list.

This will help you attract what you want in life because it will give you peace of mind. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard-earned cash reserve unnecessarily. You can protect this beyond your life by also considering a will and living revocable trust. It is a wise move to include seeking out professional help to set these types of accounts up. You will be protecting yourself and others in the process.

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