Self-coach Sunday 24: Pay Off Your Debts

It seems to have become socially acceptable to have debts. It used to be that people saved money for what they wanted, and the bought it. Now it is the other way around. We charge now, and pay later (with high interest rates). You may be so used to having debt that you don’t even realize how stressful debt is. Until you are debt free, it is hard to believe what a relief it is.

Debt drains your energy and can make it very difficult for you to be your best and attract the people and opportunities you want. When you are debt-free, it is natural to be carefree and light. If you don’t have the savings to instantly pay off debt, do it gradually and continuously until it is retired. It may take some time, but stick with the payment schedule and eventually you will be free and clear. Over your head? Then consider a nonprofit credit counseling service.

The skills you develop from paying off your debts are the foundation (and the same ones) you will develop to build your financial freedom. You can do it!

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