Wellness Coaching Pointer: Have Something To Look Forward To Every Day

It is amazing how quickly our lives can become drab and colorless if we do not have something to look forward to. We wait far too long for that once-a-year vacation or that special event. That just isn’t enough. Or it might be enough, but being successful is not about having just enough – it’s about abundance. You need an abundance of good things to look forward to – as a bare minimum at least one thing every day. And don’t overlook the simple things, which are often the most rewarding.

To get you thinking, here are some things you could look forward to: a half hour alone, a walk in the woods with your significant other, a bike ride through the park, taking a bubble bath, seeing a play, trying out a new restaurant.

What is your ideal morning or evening? Treat yourself with as many elements of your ideal day as possible, and you will be happier and more energized throughout the day. Take a few minutes right now to write down in vivid detail your ideal day from the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night. How many elements of your ideal day are possible to do every day starting right now? Give yourself the time to enjoy your day and you’ll be glad to get up and start every morning.

Often the reason work expands is that we don’t have a sufficiently compelling reason to prevent it from doing so. Make sure you do!

• Sign up for a fun, creative class that starts at 6pm so you have to leave the office at 5pm.

• Put in place super strong boundaries around your personal time. No work calls on weekends, evenings, etc.

• Do not answer your cell phone or check your emails when you are on vacation or working on a creative project. Use technology to increase your effectiveness, not decrease it.


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