Wellness Coaching Pointer: Establish Boundaries

Establishing big strong boundaries protect you from the unpleasant situations and people in life.  This is your force-field that only you can turn on and off. This force-field is designed to keep intruders away so that you can feel at ease. It allows you to be your best.

Example: people can’t yell at me. You can expand this to: people can’t give unsolicited criticism, derogatory remarks, or put-down jokes around me. This will help protect you and get your personal needs met.

What are your top needs? Make a list of 5 and set these as your boundaries.

If anyone oversteps these boundaries, use this four-step boundary plan:

  1. Inform – (say in a soft voice) “do you realize you (yelled) at me?”
  2. Request – ask them to kindly stop
  3. Insist – insist that they stop
  4. Leave – “I can’t continue if you (yell)”


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