Wellness Coaching Pointer: Create 10 Daily Habits

Choose 10 things to do daily that you can create habits around. The idea here is to pick things that inspire you, not things you “should” do. Choose things that juice you up and replace any old bad habits with these instead. It could be a song, an action, a photograph, movement, and/or person.  I thought I would share my list:

     Pam’s 10 Daily Habits:

  1. start morning with the breath and mindfulness
  2. morning yoga stretches
  3. eat clean, healthful foods
  4. snuggle husband and the kitty
  5. spend time in quiet
  6. embrace my 1-hour pre-bedtime routine
  7. stay connected to friends & family
  8. spend time working on new business each weekday
  9. exercise and be active
  10. write 3 gratitudes of the day

peace meditation pam


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